Twenty-one Years of Photographic Postings, Page 9.

   An autobiography in photography.  

 The 1960s were a Golden Age for Photography and the Print medium, from Kennedy to Civil Rights to Woodstock.

 My work started just after and was heavily influenced by the 60's.

 Momentum from the '60s carried Photography through the '70s to the late '80s and a necessary correction from which Photography has yet to recover.

 The medium of expression in the '90s is Digital and Photography has yet to find its place in this new context.

-Wm. Franklin McMahon

Postcards outlined in blue can be enlarged.

Couple in Bloomington, IN.

Father and son in Winslow, IL

Three Colorado pictures:


...Mesa Verde...


...Garden of the Gods.

A Prince in Oak Brook.


Corrugated plant in Uncasville, CT.



A Pope in Chicago.



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