Rizhao News, 1/19/08( Photo Titles ).

The Rizhao News published a photo spread using photographs taken for the "Rizhao Eyes of Foreign Photographers Project". The flash epaper version of the spead is online at http://epaper.rznews.cn/rzrb/20080119 (The link to the interactive flash version of the spread is in the right column fourth link from the top starting with an A4).

Above is a screen shot of the Rizhao News photo spread.
And here is the original caption in Chinese.


2007 年 10 月, 10 名美国摄影师来到日照,他们被这古老神奇的土地和勤劳朴实的人们所吸引。在这里他们逗留一周,用镜头拍摄了大量的照片,记录了东方中国一个城市的片刻。这里,我们选取部分镜头,共同体味美国摄国摄影师镜头下的日照。
With the help of our Rizhao translator friends we determined the text of the caption to be,

Rizhao --- in the Eyes of American Photographers

In October 2007, ten American photographers came to Rizhao and they were deeply impressed by this mysterious land and its industrious people. During their one-week stay in Rizhao, they shot a lot of pictures, capturing the various moments of this oriental city. Here, some of their pictures are selected to show Rizhao---in the eyes of American photographers ( Photo Titles ).

Many thanks to Liujing and Vickie and her colleague for
their help on this page, as well as the Rizhao News.

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