One Day Downtown, Chicago / 1( Millennium Park)

When I moved my plan was to return regularly downtown.
Two months and two trips to peripheral Chicago later I did return downtown
for one day.

View from hotel room (google satellite view) facing east up the Chicago River.
Other trips: One Day Downtown, Chicago 2, Chicago / 3 & 4, and Chicago / 5.

                             View from hotel room facing northwest
                              of the Wrigley Building and river in
                              three lights (the Wrigley Building again)
                              and, on another trip, the Agua Tower.

      Millennium Park       I went to nearby Millennium Park where ....

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                                      Zaha Hadid Pavilion

    van Berkel Pavilion part of the Burnham Centenial celebration there are two temporary futuristic pavilions, the Pavilion Projects.

In his article about the pavilions the Tribune's Blair Kamen asks "Can the public love public art to death?" because of the damage done to the structures by people wanting to climb on them.