New Diggings, WI
"New Diggings is an old
'diggins', the oldest
in the state."

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Last weekend for the first time in a decade I went to New Diggings, WI for the "The New Diggings 2nd Annual Music Festival" — not much music.
One thing new at New Diggings is their Web site, where it says New Diggings has "two Taverns, two churches and fifty people". The fifty people surprises me.
The big news in New Diggings is that they are restoring the 1844 church, St. Augustine. I spoke with conservator Ron Koenig and he said the new coat of paint is only the second since the church was built. He said the priest who built the church, Samuel Mazzuchelli, is up for canonization and that one of his purported miracles is that he built churches that last. Ron supplied the photographs at left.