People's Palace, Cultural Center, Chicago

   In 1935 the Tiffany dome over the "delivery room" of the Chicago Public
   Library was obscured under a concrete and copper roof.
   By then the Chicago Cultural Center, in July of 2008 the room and dome were
   renovated and the dome's opaque roof was replaced by a translucent one.

   The Library, first opened in 1897, became known as the "People's Palace".

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Free Chin worked in the Library in the late 1960's and wrote, "I used to work in the building when it was still the Central Library. There was a massive open framework of steel behind the main circulation desk that housed the closed storage stacks. This was only open to staff like me and housed overstock of books that were not out in the open stacks. It was a 2-story structure that on the second level had a floor made up of translucent glass blocks about 4" square. I never really noticed the dome back then."