Roundstone, Galway
About the Project and the Technology
Belfast and the North
Natural History Museum
Jameson Distillery
Mesolithic Ireland


  Tara, Meath

  Roundstone, Galway

      The Celt, Dublin
  Refueling the place that kept us up at night.

  National Gallery of Art

  Guiness Brewery
  Hope they don't run out of beer before I get to the top.
An epic Web page
(if only because it takes forever to load)

               Cliffs of Mohr, Clare
Belfast and the North
  Thirty-one years ago I was arrested by British soldiers in West Belfast for taking photographs.

                Sankhill Road, West Belfast

  Donaghadee, Down

    Falls Road, West Belfast
Natural History Museum, Dublin
  The self proclaimed Museum of a Museum.
  Another place I wanted to return to.

Jameson Distillery, Dublin

         I'm the blurry guy in the middle
           (wonder how the clié knew).
         I am now a certified Irish Whiskey Taster,
         and have a certificate to prove it.
Mesolithic Ireland

                              Newgrange, Meath

    Céide Fields, Mayo

         Carrowkeel, Sligo

                          Carrowmore, Sligo

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